Rincon, PR Surf Lesson Prices and Lesson Guide

We offer classes every day (private and group), sunrise and sunset sessions, and surf guides. We also have daily and weekly package rates including surf lessons and surf board rentals. Our times are very flexible, the earliest we will start a class is 7 am and the latest is 4 pm. Our lessons consist of a 10-15 minute orientation and the the rest of the time is spent in the ocean! Our groups are small and always have 1 instructor to every 2-3 students. After teaching for 15 years, most people do 1.5 – 2 hour lesson at the most. It does get a bit tiring after that. These are our set prices for 1 class only. When you take multiple classes we discount and have package rates.

PRIVATE 1 ON 1  : $75 for 1.5 hour

$100 for 2 hours

$140 for 3 hours

surf stoked about this nice smooth drop in!

SEMI-PRIVATE 2 and 1 : $70 for 1.5 hour

$90 for 2 hours

$130 for 3 hours

GROUP CLASSES: $60 for 1.5 hour

$80 for 2 hours

$120 for 3 hours


After class for remainder of day $15.00

2 hours $15.00

FULL DAY  $25.00

1 week 7 days $150.00


2 hours $30.00

FULL DAY $40.00

1 week 7 days $200.00



All surf lessons include surfboard, leash, wax, and good vibes. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to purchase a rash guard (inquire at any surf shop); or you can also wear a fitted tee shirt, waterproof sunblock, and maybe some water shoes.  Your body will thank you.

Surfboard and Paddleboard Rentals in Rincon, PR

This is a small sample shot of our rental boards. We have over 40 boards for rent; all various shapes and sizes

When you are full of stoke after your surf lesson here in Rincon (or the next day depending on your energy level) naturally you will want to rent a surfboard to go out and conquer the ocean on your own.  Board, fins, and leash are provided.  For our students, surfboard rentals are a flat $15 per day to keep the stoke going! Prices for non students are stated above.

Our Surf Lesson Guide

The goal of our Rincon, PR surf lessons is to provide an educational and fun expereince in a safe / comfortable environment.  Our instructors work one-on-one with our students to achieve the goals that they wish to accomplish:  To become a wave rider.

Each surf lesson given by Puntas Surf School here in Rincon, Puerto Rico consists of a 10 – 15 minute beach orientation focusing on preparation, stretching, paddling, local surf spot knowledge, getting through the waves, catching the waves, and finally riding the waves.

The remainder of the time is spent in the beautiful clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean Sea.  One instructor is assigned to every two to three students to ensure the highest levels of safety and steepest learning curve for our surf school students by providing the most one-on-one time with each student. At least two hour lessons are encouraged for group lessons to get the most out of your surf lesson experience.

We teach at a variety of different beaches within the Rincon area, depending on the most favorable conditions for waves and wind. So we are never locked in to 1 surf spot! We generally meet our students at whichever beach is the best for that day.

Puntas Surf School provides a surfboard best suited for each student.  Everyone is different, and certain sized surfboards best fit certain sized (or skill level) people.  Our instructors will pick a board that is going to allow our students to succeed more easily and, more importantly, have the most fun on.  Our surfboards consist of epoxy boards, fiberglass boards, and soft tops ranging from 6 – 10 feet.