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Owner and operator of Puntas Surf, Melissa Taylor moved to Rincon, Puerto Rico in early 2002 after graduating from Flagler College in Florida. She began giving surf classes right away on her own. Her lessons began expanding through the years, and Puntas Surf School was created in 2007. She continues to be the longest standing instructor in Rincon and has a team (Nolan, Ross, Rod, Ashley), who all together have over 25 years of surf instruction experience. Having had such a great reputation over the last 12 years, Melissa is very particular as to who she hires to work for Puntas Surf. Every client is guaranteed to have their needs met, no matter what level in surfing they are at. Puntas Surf is also very flexible with starting times, cancellations, and we do not make students commit to how long they will be surfing with us. We play it by ear and see how each student is feeling during the lesson.

Experience the Rincon “Surf Stoke”!Learn to Shred With Puntas Surf School

Puntas Surf School was established to expand surfing knowledge to all that are curious and create a boutique surf school that reaches out to all ages, surfing levels, and walks of life.  Our goal is to give you the Ultimate Wave Riding Experience  here in Rincon PR.  Everyone should have the opportunity to feel the “Surf Stoke” after riding their first wave in Puerto Rico.

Learn to Shred With Us!

Our surf school strives for each lesson to be educational, invigorating, and most of all FUN!  Every surf lesson given on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico’s West Coast is geared for people to have the most fun possible and the most exhilarating experience of their lives!  From riding on a long, rolling, blue wave, to paddling in the crystal clear waters of Rincon, to interacting with Sea Turtles and high-fiving Humpback Whales (not really but you can see whales from January – March) your surf lesson experience in Rincon, PR will not be soon forgotten.

Rincon, PR Surf Lessons

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Look for the Truck!

You can't miss the Puntas Surf School truck rocking around town. Keep an eye out for us!

Surf Lessons

Come learn to surf in Rincon, PR where the temperature is just right, the breeze is cool, and the waves are tasty. Our little nook of Puerto Rico is the perfect place to learn how to surf in picturesque waves.

Surf Instructors

Our surf instructors have over 15 years in combines teaching surf lessons in Rincon. We employee the most friendly and informative surfing instructors in all of Puerto Rico.

Surf Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is hands down the best place to surf in the Caribbean. Our multitude of surf breaks, favorable weather patterns, and warm water makes surfing in PR waters an experience of a lifetime.

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