The Best 2018 Japanese Video Game Reviews that You Should Know

This year is known as the best year of Japan video game ever which has been well acknowledged by those who are games freak. This conclusion is drawn from the enthusiasm of the video game players in which most of them are impressed by the graphics motion which is enhanced really well. Moreover, bunches of famous character are coming back to the game with fresh concepts. Also, the battlefields are delivered in a different kind of setting so that the video game player may feel the sense of great adventure. Well, for those who are looking for best video games in 2018, it would be better for you to have the review of them so that you may select the one that you think this is very cool for you to play and you can search your recommendation anime store for you.

Great Year for Many Great Video Games

It is been months which we are getting close to the end of 2018, so it would be good for you to remind the best game during the year. Many video game fanatics agreed that this 2018 comes as the best year ever for the existence of video games. It is known that there are so many great game publishers and developers that compete with each other in delivering fresher video games. It is definitely created in the greater sense of playing.

Beset Japanese Video Games Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best video games in 2018 which is worth to play:

  • Kingdom Hearts III

This kind of video games is presented with Disney Characters in which they have been taken to people’s heart. Now, you can find them in Kingdom Hearts III in which you may feel it like in Pixar movie when you play it in PlayStation 4. The setting of this video is you will be taken into a story which you are familiar with and there will be several missions that you have to complete. Here, you will find the games in the movies, such as Big Hero 6 and Tangled. Those who are fond of playing the game in fun adventure and less adrenaline challenge, this game is really worth it. Moreover, it is pleasured with high quality motion graphic that feels like play in the movie.

  • Code Vein

This kind of video game is presented in the great package either in anime character or the sense of battle as well. You will find the Dark Souls which will meet to beat the vampires of shenanigans which let the players have brutal combats. This game is highly recommended for those who like to play the games in a tough battle.

  • Yoshi

Yoshi and Labo may be one of your favorite characters which are presented by Nintendo as the fun-play game. This is very good for you to play this since you can explore the uniqueness of the game with tactile textures, corrugated card, and the fuzzy felt. This kind of egg characters will impress you so much with its cuteness during the game.

  • Devil May Cry HD Collection

It is known that Devil May Cry which was in the first session came in classic one. Honestly, we can say that it does really show the age of them as is. However, then Devil May Cry II was released not really different from the first session. Now, most of the video game players agreed that this year will be for Devil May Cry III which comes as the best one of all. You can actually feel the combat games in HD quality with lots of challenges ahead. This one will impress you so much and can be a good recommendation for you to play the game.

  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Every game has its own sense to play, so it would be good for you select as many as a game to play. Now, there is a good recommendation for you to play the game in your PlayStation 4. This video game was made in really good and neat graphics motion. We can say that it is such a good adaptation as the first released game this year. It took place in the bar as the setting of the game and you will have a mission for shooting the bullet into the target one. Just try the game and find the fun of this with your friends.

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball was one of the favorite Japanese characters ever which frequently come in lots of video game as well. Now, these anime characters come in Dragon Ball FighterZ which is published by Bandai Namco and developed by Arc System Works. This combat based game served as one of the best fighting game of the year. It can be seen from the material presented in the game. In addition, you guys will find a variation of characters as well as the game modes selection. This is the best recommendation for this anime fighting game that you have to play in 2018.

  • Lost Sphear

This game is published by Square Enix and developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and firstly released at the beginning of the year. This game is really good for those who like to play a game full of mystery and also presented by cool characters.

Hence, those are several recommended Japanese video game in 2018 that you can play. Hopefully, the reviews may help you to get the best one that suits your genre. Go get the game and invite your friends to play them together with great adventure of the game.