Rincon, Puerto Rico Surf Instructors
at Puntas Surf School

Our surf instructors in Rincon, PR have over 25 years of combined surf instruction experience. We give the best surf lessons around by providing one instructor per every two students to ensure proper safety and give students the most time with a surf instructor during each surf lesson. The unparalleled attention given to each student sets our surf school aside from the others. Puntas Surf instructors not only know the surf breaks of Rincon,Puerto Rico like the back of their hand; but are also diverse and well traveled surfers, CPR certified, and have surfed most of their lives. Another requirement for Puntas Surf instructors are they have to be patient and know the essence of being a teacher! You can always guarantee consistency with our instructors and that is why we have so many returning customers every year.

Head Surf Instructors at Puntas Surf School

Melissa Taylor

Melissa was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida to a family full of surfers. She grew up in St. Augustine, Florida where her parents ran The Eastern surfing Association for many years. After graduating from college in 2002 with a degree in Psychology, she moved to Rincon, Puerto Rico. The Taylor family owns a home along with a group of rental villas nestled in the heart of Puntas. Melissa grew up surfing, swimming, and lifeguarding, and now applies her knowledge and skills to share the art of surfing with the world.

Melissa has been teaching students how to surf for over 14 years in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Florida. She is also an excellent coach in helping intermediate surfers reach their next level of surf performance.

Melissa’s surf travels include Costa Rica, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Hawaii, Nicaragua, California, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.

Nolan Kascha

Nolan has lived and taught surfing lessons in Rincon, PR during the winter seasons since 2008 and now happily resides in Puntas with Melissa and their daughter Anala. He is originally from White Lake, Michigan and surfed the great lakes before moving to Rincon. Nolan is always stoked to be in the water and getting people riding their first waves here in Rincon. He is an enthusiastic and attentive surf instructor with a passion for surfing and sharing his knowledge of the art of wave riding. You will rarely see him without a smile on his face!

Melissa and Nolan started a family in 2012 and are now running Puntas Surf together. They have a daughter, Anala Rose, and a son, Kekoa Lee.

Seasonal Surf Instructors

Puntas Surf School also employs additional surf instructors from around the world during our high season, from November until June, every year to meet additional seasonal demands. We always have 5 solid instructors staffed though out the year. 1-2 female and 3-4 male. So we always have availability no matter what time of day, month, or year!

Rod Roberston

Rod Robertson first came to Rincon in 2006. He has taught six winter seasons here and has been working with Melissa at Puntas Surf School since 2009. Rod grew up in a little beach town on Lake Michigan where he first learned to surf. Also with a background in snowboard instructing, he has spent most of his life sharing his stoke and teaching people how to shred! Rod now lives in Rincon 6 months out of year, with his wife Toni.

We always have 5 solid instructors staffed though out the year. 1-2 female and 3-4 male. So we always have availability no matter what time of day, month, or year!