Review of The Best Blue-ray Anime

Japan is a country which has thousands of popular anime characters in all over the world. They even have existed since we were kids. It is true that most of you ever watched the Japanese anime on TV. In addition, there are some people who are still a fan of their favorite anime character until they grow up. Now, as time goes by, the anime creators enhanced their image quality following the screen quality as well. All of this is made for the comfort of the anime fans. All of us know that Japan is a country with high technology so that it brings the impact to the quality of anime movie. Those who like to watch anime movie must have known that most of them come in the best quality so that it is so much comfortable to watch.

High Quality Japanese Anime

You may understand and find that the graphics quality is getting better from time to time when you watch it. Now, you the best screen movie quality is Blu-Ray which does not only provide really high definition, but also the sharpness of the object which looks like so much real. For those who are looking for Blu-Ray quality for Japanese anime movies, here you will find them. You will be spoiled by the image and sound quality.

Recommended Blue-Ray Anime to Watch

Here are several Japanese anime with Blu-Ray quality that you should know:

  • Zillion

Zillion was delivered into public in the late of 80s. In its first release, it was really popular even in other countries. At that time, people still have dissatisfaction about this movie, since it was not available in English version release so that people could only have the Japanese one. This kind of anime came as a meaningful and fun anime. This anime has a planet set which is called Maris. The story of this anime tells about the colonization of planet Maris by the human. In order to keep the habitat, a group of mysterious aliens called Noza need to take the entire human away from Planet Maris. This anime is now available in Blue-Ray quality which is highly recommended to watch.

  • Dive!

This is one of the anime Blu-ray quality which is worth to watch as well. It was first aired in 2017. The story of this movie tells about Tomoko Sakai who was fond of diving since he was a kid. He had the best place to develop his skill and that is in Mizuki Diving Club. However, the club is in a hard time that it has a financial problem and it is about to drown in the sea. The whole story is taken to the struggle of the club in order to rebuild it again and the members should also win the Olympics. Talking about the quality, the image has a decent look regarding the diving set. In addition, the viewers will mostly find the setting place taken in a pool or sea. In addition, the color quality comes in a really good way for it.

  • Haikara-San Here Comes Miss Modern #1

This anime movie takes places in the 1918 era which was known as the Taisho era as well. There was a young girl called Benio Hanamura which always obtained the tradition for a girl at that time. Meanwhile, there was a girl called Miss Hanamura which came as a tomboy who likes to boy-things instead, such as climb the trees and kendo. Overall, the story of this anime is about the struggling of the girls in their own way in the Taisho era. This was firstly aired in 2017 and published by Nippon Animation. The viewers will be spoiled by Taisho era definitely in Blu-Ray quality. The image comes out really well which is presented in many variations of background in the Taisho era so that you guys will understand and find out how beautiful it is. In addition, the characters seem to be brighter and mostly for the leading casts. On the other hand, the audio quality also comes out really good. Here, you can actually find out that it sounds like a theatrical show. Overall, the packaging of this anime is really great and if you like to watch girls story, this is a highly recommended one for you.

Hence, those are several Blu-Ray anime reviews which are worth to watch. They have good quality in the image as well as in audio. Meanwhile, the story will never be boring for you since every story has a conflict which makes anyone who watches it like to get this until the end. These recommended anime movies can be found in video stores where you can buy it online as well. In addition, if you want to search it on the internet, there is a website that provides them in which you can watch it by streaming. Go watch them and enjoy its high quality!