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February 19, 2014
Surfin Sisters – All women’s classes offered daily
March 30, 2014

Great Waves In Rincon, Rent Your Equipment With Us!

Puntas Surf School Board Rentals are the best way to get memorable waves, and make the most of your stay here in Rincon regardless of wave size or conditions. With a wide variety of extremely well kept equipment to choose from, we also allow you to swap out boards as the conditions change to make the most of your rental!

Our 10-12’ft Paddle boards are great for flat days when the coral reef off Steps Beach and Tres Palmas make it seem as if you’re paddling over an aquarium. (Guided tours available upon request.)

The 9-10’ft epoxy, and soft top Longboards we have are great for beginners, intermediates, or advanced surfers trying to maximize their wave catching ability in small to medium surf.

There are a handful of 7-8’ft Fun shapes for rent that are perfect for surfers searching for greater maneuverability, or are making a transition from a longer to a shorter board. These boards ride like a dream  in small to larger surf.

Recently we’ve added a few new 5-7’ft Fish shapes, and Short boards to our quiver to accommodate the advanced surfers looking to find a board comparable to what they are used to riding at their home break.

So join us in the water to surf the great waves Rincon has to offer by taking a Lesson, or by taking one of our boards out for a test drive. Either way we can guarantee it will be a memorable experience!